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Our Gifts 

Every contact is a gift!  Here are some creative and fun suggestions to make your "relationship marketing" unique and effective.  Our quality gifts may include a handy desk accessory, a thoughtful personal item, a "thank you" basket of delicious edibles, a card with a creative message, a timely article of special interst or maybe an "I-Tune sent via email.


The Day Maker

"Daymaker" program is a thoughtful way to stay in touch with special clients and associates. Each gift is $10.00, plus shipping and tax. Choose a frequency to send your gifts or select specific gifts from the following list. Orders must be received 30 days before the requested month to guarantee availability.


"A Little Help for our Feathered Friends"

Give the bird a home with a water resistant house that folds together easily.  Wooden dowel perch included and a supply of birdseed to get started.  Fun for Spring!



Jelly Belly Mystery Bean Machine

A convenient little "stash" just in case of a snack attack.  Fun at the office or at home.




        " Barbecue Essentials for the Summer Cookout"

"Fire Wire" - flexible grilling skewer.  A tool that every cook should have!




Milkshakes and Smoothies brimming with fruit flavor - Simply prepare in a blender and enjoy.

 A wonderful Summer Treat!



"Gadget Month"

 A popular replay - a new "gadget" windup toy coming your way.




 A perfect month to get organized.  Here's a little helper to make it easier.

O'Snap Foldable Waste Basket 



"Trick or Treat"

Gourmet Caramel Apples so delicious it's "Spooky"! 




 Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to remember family & friends.  Details to follow!



Holiday Surprise -Beautifully packaged "Aroma Cones" 

Natural Ponderosa Pine Cones dipped in layers

of naturally scented wax perfect for holiday trimming,

       table decor and year round enjoyment. 





The Happy Thoughter

Surprise someone by sending a “Happy Thoughter” their way.

The Happy Thoughter is perfect to appreciate a job-well-done, express wishes for getting well, congratulating a new parent, or simply “just because”.  For any reason – the Happy Thoughter is sure to bring a smile.


The Above-And-Beyonder

Let your best clients know how special they are. Go “Above-And-Beyond” and say it all!

The Above-And-Beyonder is a customized plan that helps you appreciate extra special and deserving clients.  Gift to it will build a strategy to "touch" your client in a way that clearly shows them you appreciate their value and loyalty.  This plan can include any of our gifts and can be tailored to any set of occasions.


The Set-the-Stager

Set the stage with your new clients for long-lasting good will.

The Set-the-Stager will start things off on the right foot with a new client. Choose a “thank you” from a variety of options, something moderately priced ($5 - $15), simple-yet-memorable, or perhaps a more substantial gift. In each case it’s a great way to build on those initial good feelings that are part of any new venture.


The Party Timer

Get the party started!

The Party Timer helps you festively appreciate the important milestones in the lives of your clients, from birthdays to anniversaries. With Gift to it! you never need worry about forgetting these important dates again. Your clients, employees and all the special people that help your business thrive will be thrilled that you remember them each and every year.


The Praise Singer

Thank the connectors and networkers in your life for “singing your praises” to new potential clients.

The Praise-Singer recognizes your “customer creators” with an expression of gratitude.  It will help you reinforce to your referral network that they've made a meaningful difference in your business.  Thoughtful expressions are customized with an appropriate item, price and frequency.


The Shop Talker

Get your conversation going with a little “Shop Talk”.

The Shop Talker creates buzz.  It's that little extra something that will take you from a blip on a prospect’s radar to a face-to-face meeting.  Every Shop Talker gift is tailored to your specific industry, to keep you as the top-of-mind option.  Why give them something generic when your originality can spur them to call and “talk shop”. 


The Prospector

Uncover the most golden of nuggets – new customers.

The Prospector will help you set yourself apart when “prospecting” for new customers. Never visit a potential client empty-handed.  Leave this small, creative token of appreciation that will remind these new customers of your introduction and your specific value.  Our clever “leave-behinds” are sure to be appropriate and fit your budget.